Chlemoutsi Castle
Do not miss the best-preserved of all Frankish era fortresses in Greece (AD 1220 – 23) and its museum.

Musical and thespian shows
More than one exciting local musical and thespian shows are hosted in the fortress’s courtyard throughout the summer, within the context of the local festival.

Kyllini Spa
Also worth a visit is the Kyllini Spa (15 mins. drive from the Project), celebrated for their curative benefits (respiratory, skin and rheumatic conditions) already since the time of the Romans. The spa has never lost its attractiveness for locals and visitors who swarm in for a cure at a well-organized Water Cure centre.

Ancient Site of Elis
Ancient Site of Elis (40 km). The archaeological site – featuring vestiges over a considerably wide area – and the archaeological museum of this township are definitely worth discovering.

Ancient Olympia
Site of Ancient Olympia (69 km). What more is there to be said about the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the archaeological site and museum of which causes thousands of visitors to pause in awe and admiration before grandeur of the Civilization of Ancient Greece.

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